Weightloss Routine…

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So I am totally DETERMINED to lose 40lbs by our anniversary, which is January 9, 2012. So my routine right now is Turbo Jam 5x a week with weekends off (saturday and sunday) and jog/walking for 30 min at-least 3x a week.

My current weight is 160 and my goal weight is 120, so I’m GOING to lose 40lbs…YAY!!! I also have my body measurements written down that I’m going to try to see if I can post. But I broke down my weightloss goals to weekly pounds shed, so my weekly goal is to lose 3lbs, that would be 12lbs a month in 3 months I would have lost 36lbs. The difference I will make up on weekends.

With my current routine of Turbo Jam 5 days a week and jogging 3x a week, I’m not sure yet how the results are going to be so I’ll adjust my plan after about 2 weeks after I see the results.

Along with the physical routine, I’m also adjusting my eating habits and taking supplements and increasing my water intake.

I am very excited about this process because I always wanted to be healthier and make some changes so this will be a major boost. Just to be clear…healthy living is not a temporary fix to weightloss, it’s a lifestyle change. Losing weight is just a spin-off from healthy living. You can’t talk healthy living and be overweight with no plans of losing weight, very contradicting.

So to keep this simple…

My Weight: Current:160             Goal:120                  Goal Date: 9 Jan 2012                Weekly Goal: 3lbs (12lbs/mth)

My current routine: Turbo Jam 5x a week, off weekends and to walk/jog at-least 3x a week.

So this is a very short post to update what I’m doing. I will be adding some before photos and will be doing weekly weight updates once I get a new scale (which will be soon).

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