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A New RoadIt feels like it’s been forever since I wrote on here, which I know wasn’t but so much has been going on. So sorry for the neglect…lol.

We just finished moving to West Virginia. We love it out here. We relocated from Baltimore, MD so it’s nice. The transition is or was a bit rough I guess but it works out in the end. I already had a job in this area because I’ve been commuting but my husband was in a bit of denial about it so now he’s looking..ha! Shouldn’t he know.. “we always get our way….eventually”…lol. Anyway we’re located in Hedgesville about 5-10 min from Martinsburg. Hedgesville is really different from Baltimore because it’s definitely more like the country and has a lot of older people here but it’s definitely not like Berkeley Springs. When we first moved out in WV last year we moved to Berkeley Springs off a dirt road…literally! We had 7.8 acres so I loved that and the place we were renting already had a horse stable set up and a pin for chicken and goats. Yeah I loved that idea of it. It was really pretty but that was way to isolated for us and we were like away from stores and any convenience we were use too. I guess it was kinda like a shocker for us to move from a city to the country but it was a great experience. A lot of retired people are in that area and I can see why; it is really nice and peaceful and you can kinda like do your own thing with your land, it’s unrestricted so it’s not a lot of rules of what you can and can’t do with your land which I found out WV is one of the few remaining like that.

Back to Hedgesville…this area really wasn’t my next choice in line either. I really wanted to move back to WV but I was leaning more to Martinsburg area because it’s a little more to what we’re use to without being in a city but still have the convenience. But it was hard to get my husband to want to move because he is so close to family but I guess since I had practice from the military being away, it’s easier for me that or guys are just way more attached than females….lol! No but really, my reasons for moving away outweighed his reasons for wanting to stay. I dont know…for me, it’s like I get tired of the same thing so I like to mix it up. I never wanted to stay in Baltimore. After I got out the military Baltimore was suppose to be a pit stop. Being here too long starts making me feel trapped and to me, if nothings going on where you are or feel like your going in circles then it’s time to check out other options. So it was so hard to get him to want to again and let him see where I was coming from, so when he finally said “ok, but I want to move in hedgesville”, I was like “oooook…well look at some places in that area too”, hesitantly. You know when they FINALLY decide to come to the other side (your side) you HAVE to be gentle with them because their still very vulnerable about their decision..lol..but seriously!

Well he found a place while I was working and was sooo excited to show me that soon as I got off. I was like “thank you Lord” because I had been praying for direction and if I was wrong and if it was His will. So when he started to come around, I was just like “YES!”. Well we went and took a look and of course my reaction and his were totally different from his but *puzzled-thinking* I think I played it off well. I mean I didnt like the location and the place was O.K. I mean I wasn’t thrilled. So on that 1 hour drive back home of course he wanted to know what I think. I had some reservations so I gently asked him some questions…then I had to stop and think…

I had to think and pray quickly to myself and decide “is the place that important right now??? Isn’t it better for him to be happy about the move more? I know I’m going to be happy because we’re going to be together and in a different area. Not saying he wouldn’t be happy but I would rather feel better KNOWING he’s happy because he picked out this place. And once he’s up here, he’ll like and then he’ll be more open so next time around we can look at more options. At-least we’re up here, we can work out the mechanics later. Besides we’re only like 5-10min from Martinsburg.” YES, all this is going through my head but you know it’s faster than this when your thinking about it….lol! It’s funny how I talk to myself sometimes, it even makes me laugh sometimes…

So I responded and said, “I’m not crazy about it but I can deal with it and willing to move there if you really like it and think it’s a good idea. BUT…” yes I said BUT, “BUT I’m not living there more than 1 yr. maybe 1 yr and a half.” He said “ok, sounds good. I wouldn’t want to live there that long anyway…”, I’m like “yeahhhh..ok”.

Well, long story short. We live in that place…lol! But it’s cool. I honestly dont have a problem with it. I can deal with it now and it’s not hard to deal with or anything, it’s just really small. It’s a 1 bedroom which was really my problem because I had to setup my office in the living room and we don’t have that spare room 😉 AND I don’t prefer the area but the next place I get to pick in the area I want because I decided to sacrifice for the bigger picture… 🙂 He’s already adjusting.

So the moral of this story is not only to share whats been going on but to also show that that’s why it’s important to not be selfish in your marriage and to really know how your partner is and LEARN, YES, LEARN how to deal with them because in the end it’s going to be win-win for both of you guys. You have to be careful about how and when you voice your opinions in your marriage. Don’t get me wrong I can and tend to be very opinionated in my marriage which I’m learning to tame.. 😀 I have to say the book “For Women Only” has helped me in that. But it really do work when you study your partner and be willing to sacrifice for a greater purpose. To me this move was bigger than having to have my way with the actual place and house, it’s getting into another area to see what God has for us and to see His greater purpose for us and our marriage.  I mean we have no idea how it’s going to end up and if we decided that this is not where God want us to be and if we want to move back but at least we will know and will find out.

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