The Imperfect Perfectionist

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Lately, God has been dealing with me with my procrastination and just getting things done period. My problem is that I always want things to be perfect and sometimes for the “perfection” to happen I look for things that I “need” or atleast think I need.
The problems begin when Im not able to get that something or im not sure what that something is but I just feel its missing “something”. And in my head it drives me crazy to start a project without being able to complete it the way I think it should be done. It makes me feel so out of control and is so mind boggling for me.
I also found that this new “out of control” feeling came since ive been married. Its no longer just me; and trying to plan every detail and it actually happen the way I plan is crazy in itself.

So through this process God is teaching me to trust Him, depend on Him, and walk by faith.

He’s showing me I dont always have to have it all figured out. He’s also showing me that He provides everything we need in that moment to take the next step. If we’re not able to purchase the resources then we need to seek God to show us the resources because its already there. He’ll always provide a way. When we place our trust fully in the Lord, He provides the very best for us (Psalms 81:10, 16).

With this being said, I had to identify what was a need and what was a want. Sometimes the things we think we need are really just wants.

What are some ways that God showed you were stumbling blocks in your walk? Please leave a comment, I’d love to hear.