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So I am starting to get the hang of this natural hair thing but I honestly think it’s because it has more length… 🙂 I’m actually starting to be able to handle it better and it don’t seem as difficult. I can admit that I have not been loving towards my hair and have not treated it very well so it’s not the potential length it could be (from knowing my hair) because as a permed chick, i know my hair grows fast and in the time frame that I’ve been natural my permed hair would have surpassed it by now. But I also know that it has really been a journey with this natural process. Just like last week I was ready to go to the creamy crack (I felt as though I wanted to but I definitely wasn’t about to…lol..I put work into this stuff!). 2012-04-12 05.27.20

Looking in All the Right Places

Well, I had not been on YouTube in a while, so I decided to go and get “my natural fix”. I had to get some natural inspiration, some style ideas or better I really just needed to see the REASON I wanted to go natural (or should I say “STAY” natural). One of my favorite youtubers is Hair Crush aka Chime. She has be-a-u-tiful hair and for me is truly inspiring. Another youtuber that I often go to is kimmytube. She too, has beautiful hair as well and has charted her whole process from short to her nice long healthy hair. She is a great youtuber, a great teacher, very detailed and precise about the processes she uses, the reason, etc. So she is definitely a motivation for me because I’m able to see where she was and where she is now. And there are a couple of others but their the ones I remember right now.

Managing the Dew…

Another problem that I had was that I BADLY needed a deep conditioner and since we’ve moved, somehow my hair dryer ended up at my mother’s house (I have no idea HOW). So another method I tried was the hot towel method, where you put on a hair cap, then a wet, hot towel then a more heavy duty hair cap. It’s ok but I don’t think it can’t replace the actual hair-dryer deep conditioning. So it’s coming along and getting better.

2012-05-26 12.05.21 (Some wasn’t dry all the way, but it was cute)

Thanks for checking out my post…more to come!

God bless…India 🙂