V. Rose New Album Release in May! Called “Forever After”

Yay!! V.Rose is releasing her new album in May called “Forever After”… about time! I’ve been waiting!

Annnndddd….. if you don’t know who she is, she is a Christian artist that sings about her faith in a very up tune way. I’ve included a couple of videos below of her songs (and featurings’) below.

Here is her song “Dear Adam” that I just love. It’s from her self-titled album “V.Rose” in 2011. It speaks volumes to my spirit…

And this is “Surrender” by Flame featuring V.Rose. This is from Flame’s album “Captured”. Another one of my loves. Every time I hear it it reminds me of where I was when God rescued me…

If this is your first time hearing of these artist, definitely check out more of their tunes on YouTube and support their albums.

There’s nothing like inspiring music to lift the spirit.

God Bless,

India Smile