Hair Journey What?!?!

My hair is a mess!!! I mean literally! I think I damaged it AGAIN!!! I don’t understand, it seems like I haven’t been able to get in a groove since getting a perm.

Honestly, my hair has not been the same since my natural hair days. Before natural hair, my hair was good and healthy. I didn’t know about youtube then so I didnt know about “healthy” hair so my hair could of definitely been healthier but I had no problems with my hair. Then once I went natural, I sorta got the hang of that.BUT now that I’m relaxed again, my hair is not trying to act right. I guess it didnt help, processing it with a color 3 weeks after a perm. Which pre-natural it would not have been considered overprocessing because my hair could handle it. I didnt take in account that my hair may have been in shock from being chemical free for a year and almost a half. Oh well!! A lesson I did not want to learn.
Well now, here I am on my first official hair journey and already frustrated with my hair.

I think we get way more complicated with out hairs than we have to. If it was working for you before then why change it?!?! So I have to repair my hair and revive it and give it some tlc because right now my hair is ratchet (dont know if I used that word right but I’ve been wanting to use it…lol). I figure iy means chopped up right?!? Whatever u want it to mean.