Streamlining My Website & What’s to Come

I have to say it’s hard to believe that it has only been 6 days (not including the weekends) into this October blog posting challenge…lol. It has indeed been challenging me but I’m not giving up.

I am in a transitional point in my life. As I am still trying to get into a groove of being a stay at home wife. it’s not easy. Mainly because my reasons for being a “stay-at-home” is not for the same reasons that I would have chosen but hey when life gives you lemons, you make the best darn lemonade you know how Smile. I am really trying to embrace this big change {for me} and that in embracing it then maybe it would cut down on my panic attacks and anxiety {another post}.

I have so many ideas for my blog and I ‘m really trying to figure how to recategorize my site. Lately I have been exploring with freezer meals and I will be getting a dehydrator and canning kit. I have so far made homemade apple butter and apple sauce which I will be posting them sometime in this month.

Also living with chickens have made my “idea” and dream of having a farm even more real. I’ve always “would like to have” chickens, cows, goats, {farm} dogs, {farm} cats, sheeps, horses {I did believe I could have them}. And I’m at a point where I believe I can.

I tell ya chickens are gateway {farm} animals…lol. It’s like you get them to build your belief, then it’s no turning back…

My point is that I have so much I want to share that it’s hard to put them into “categories”. including what’s already there.

So please excuse my site right now if it seems “messy” or “unorganized”. It is a work in progress.

So here’s what’s to come…

  1. More recipes {health focused, but can’t promise they will be Winking smile}
  2. Product reviews
  3. Book reviews
  4. (Continued) Foster care journey
  5. Encouragement posts
  6. Beauty
  7. Start giveaways!

And just life in general.

This may not sound all that interesting reading… {I know} I’ve been trying to figure out how to better word this so it’s more exciting but trust me, the actual updates will be more interesting…ha!

So I hope you subscribe and give me a chance… India