Working Out with a Vision

workout-motivation Today I was doing my workout, which I decided to do Turbo Jam-Cardio Party. This cardio was only about 45 minutes but sometimes I just get tired of doing it -time wise- with about 20 min left I’m normally ready to stop and do everything else I’ve been thinking about for the last  15-20 min since I started. But I don’t and drag myself through the rest, half-heartily. It kinda feels like your trying to walk away but someone is pulling you or holding you there, so you can imagine how that feels.

What I’m about to say may be common sense to some folks, but if your like me, you never stopped to think about what I’m about to ask… WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT WHILE WORKING OUT???

Are you thinking… “man, I need to control my breathing”, “I can do this”, “I’m almost there”, “you’re NOT a quitter, get this done!” etc. Clearly these are some of things I say…lol. All of this may be good things to say but it’s not always enough, sometimes you need a little more.

While I was working out today for a moment I pictured the size I’m GOING to be and I let myself go further and envisioned different scenes of me in that moment, what kinds of things I’m GOING to be wearing, what types of things I’m GOING to feel comfortable doing again. That moment of VISION fueled the rest of my workout! I wasn’t tired physically & mentally (Rhodiola took care of that…lol), I was just ready to move on to my next task. Like I always like to say “slow down to speed up”, we’re often so “busy” that when we’re not “busy” we’re STILL rushing ourselves to get through our days…smh…slow down and enjoy the moments, they go by too fast already to speed through them ourselves… any who..

So What Do I Mean When I Say VISION?!?!

To be clear on what I mean about the vision, I don’t mean to necessarily have multiple pictures in your mind of different moments when that time comes but to actually focus in on a scene. For instance, my scene was the beach but I didn’t just have a vision and say “I’m going to look fine in that 2-piece(which I am.. ;D) but I actually painted the scene, as if it was a memory that already happened and I’m reminiscing. I envision the people I’m with, the people around me, where we are, what we’re doing, etc. I pulled the vision to the forefront of my mind and made it work, I made it so real that my mind and body reacted as if it was in that moment (that’s powerful!)

To create the vision, it takes work, which I believe makes it so powerful because your consciously deciding to go there.

So, I hope this information helps to continue to fuel your workouts, I know it helped me and I will continue this new found motivation throughout my workouts to drive me to my soon to be goal…120lbs baby!

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I’m going to be writing more about dreams, visions, goals, etc. so stay tuned… remember to subscribe and comment below and let me know what things help you through your workouts.

As always, God Bless…India 🙂