Product Review: Mariani Honey Bars

So while I was at the store getting a few needed items like salad and milk, I like to go to the “healthy” aisle and check out different things.

Well I actually walked passed these just randomly in the middle of the main aisle while walking towards the register. If I remember correctly I was in wally mart {which we have started going too since we live close to it and it is the main store near us but we’re not making it a habit}.

They looked pretty good and was on sale for a dollar each so why not.

There were a few different varieties but I choose these three because they just look delicious! I LOVE granola so I had to try the granola bar, the sweet and salty looked delicious and the sesame… well I just figured I try it.


These bars are all natural bars and I love the fact the you can understand the ingredients. You can look at they ingredients and make your own. Just awesome.


After taking this pic, I went on and ate the granola bar and it was really good! It wasn’t too sweet and I really enjoyed it.

As you can see these bars are gluten free and vegetarian. I must also add though that I was surprised at the amount of calories which are about 180 – 200. I figure if you replace a fast food meal for this and a smoothie than it works.

So let me know what you think? Any “healthy” bars you tried recently?

God Bless,