Homemade Carmel Machiato!

My husband is the bomb.com!!! He don learned how to make me a carmel machiato!
And it is de-lish.com. I mean, dare I say it…it taste just as good or even better than my beloved…… St*rbucks! 😑

Carmel Macchiato

I luv it..decaf coffee with light soy milk (he made up for it with the cool whip, but it’s all good…lol). He is such a sweety, I’ve been calling him StEbucks (for Estes). I havent even been being to go to starbucks, he hooks me up. He also learned to make cinnamon dulce latte, my #1 fav. Then I know how to make my green tea chai lattes, we’re on a roll here… πŸ™‚

I’ll have to make a yt video of him making it…very easy.

Be blessed… India πŸ™‚