New Additions! {Nope no babies YET}

So we finally got some chickens…

Our chickens

We got 5 hens and 1 cock. He is doing his own thing so I didn’t get a picture of him. Smile They are all about 6 months {except for Brownie} old now. We actually got them for egg laying no meat chickens over here!


We’ve had them for about 3 months and I’m LOVING it! It’s really cool when they start knowing you.

raising chickens

Brownie is the spokesman{chick}. We really wanted a brown egg layer and my husband really wanted one that was already laying eggs and the girl we got them from only had her for brown eggs. But she’s so sweet《and greedy》and she’s about 4 years old.

Having chickens are so fun. I ‘m amazed every time I see them because I came from the city and the idea of having chickens was there but the thought of actually having them was something different.

So meet our chickens!