New Workout Program: HipHopAbs


I recently purchased the a new workout program by Beachbody called Hip Hop Abs. I seen it on an infomercial late one one night (of course right!) and decided to order it.

My First Impression:

When I first received it in the mail (about 2-3 wks ago) I was not that excited about it so I did not bother it. I finally decided to open it and take a look at it and I still wasn’t into it anymore and was considering returning. I felt as though it would not be very effective or intense and it did not seem like my style and above all, I just can’t dance. So honestly, just pure negative thoughts…smh. I felt I just got caught up in a late night swoop. Continuing to watch it, and reminding myself why I purchased I decided to give it a try before sending it back –duh! right?—and I actually liked it. I’ve only done the “Fat Burning Cardio” but it was perfect for what I was looking for (explain in a few). This is my first time doing a workout with Shaun T and at first I wasn’t sure about him, I thought he was “extra” but actually his energy is great! He keeps you really involved which is important to me.

What I Was Looking For:

I was looking for a workout plan that’s low-medium  intensity and effective because of my shoulder, hip, and knee limitations right now. It reminded me of zumba so I wanted to try it. It also looked fun which is another thing I was looking for.

What It Comes With:

It came with 3 DVDs- 2 of the DVDs have 2 workouts on it with a bonus workout and 1 of the DVDs have 3 workouts with a bonus workout on it.

  • 3 DVDs
  • Getting Started book
  • Nutrition book
  • 6 Day Slim-down book
  • Measurement Card
  • Measuring tape
  • “On the Go” Food Tips
My Last Thoughts:

I am doing the 1 mth challenge which I will do a separate post for, but I started on Saturday, August 10th, 2013. I will be updating my measurements every week on Saturday and trying to post them on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings. So far I like the DVD and I will give feedback on the different workouts as I do them. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I will be posting updates as well.

Would You Recommend & To Who:

Yes. So far, I would recommend this program to beginners or any one who needs a low intensity workout and is looking for something more fun and freeing.

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God Bless… India 🙂