The Great Eyeopener…

So I took my 100mg of clomid last(19 June) cycle cd3-7. I was doing opk tests but I’ve been so busy and honesty my hope this month is kinda low. I guess because I didn’t feel any symptoms like at all this time with clomid and I kept getting neg opks til like the 2nd which is the last time I tested and I haven’t felt anything that I thought might be ovulation this cycle like usual. So I don’t even know if I did. I guess I’ve just been really bummed about this ttc thing. I’m like kinda tired..3yrs is a long time trying but I’m definitely not giving up.

I think I just feel that I really been praying about it and God is totally in control and that it don’t matter how many pills I pop, water I drink, how much sex I have, timing of everything, charting of temperatures, carrots I eat, green tea or any “fertility” tea I drank that it makes no difference unless God says “yep, its time” and when that happens I’m sure it will be one of those months that I did everything “wrong” or as wrong as it can get for me since I’m not a smoker, drinker or drug taker naturally so they will always be ruled out. I think I’m just really tired on the inside from ttc. As you ladies know it like drives you crazy–if u let it–with this whole ttc. Your body feels every “symptom” and do all,kinds of things it never did before just to drive you crazy. So this month I think I’m just going to wait and see for this month and ill continue to pray that His timing is this month, which is the month I’m in at that time…lol!!!

So God Bless and lots of babydust… 🙂