{NaBloPoMo} October 2014 Prompts

For October, I’ve decided to participate in the monthly writing prompts from Blogher. From Monday to Friday (weekends are free writing), Melissa Ford has posted a writing prompt. Which are already available for the month for easy planning. I only plan on doing maybe 3 a week because I’m going to include my own personal posts.

So the first prompt is below.

“Crunch crunch crunch: leaves are starting to carpet the sidewalks. Tell us about your favorite autumnal sound.”

Although I feel like I missed summer…lol (went so quickly) and I enjoyed summer dresses and sandals. I do enjoy and look forward to rewards of Fall. So here’s my list.

  1. I love the sound of crackling coming from fireplaces and bonfires. It’s so comforting to be snuggled by a fire sipping on a hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or pumpkin spice.
  2. The sound of the knife entering the hollow pumpkins as it’s carved for Halloween
  3. The sound of candy hitting the bowls.
  4. The sound of crackling (leaves crunching) footsteps and knocks at the door.
  5. {And of course} the follow up sound of “trick or treat” of the little kids.
  6. The sound of late night sips of pumpkin spice and click clat of the board game, as I whip {Winking smile} my hubby in backgammon (our favorite game)
  7. The sound of boot zippers closing as we prep for our outings on our hayrides.
  8. The soft click of buttons on our fall jackets and the strong clomp of our boots.
  9. The sound of a late night movie as we cozy into our couches {again sipping on hot caramel apple ciderSmile}.
  10. Lots of chatter and laughter of close family and friends sitting around the table in Thanks{giving}
  11. The cling of dishes being cleaned while reflecting on the fun moments of the night before.

What about you? What are your favorite sounds of fall?

India In love