Organizing My Office

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My office is so discouraging right now. It is so cluttered and disorganized and I don’t even know how or when it started. I mean it’s stuff EVERYWHERE, mainly papers. And to organize my papers I have to organize my file cabinet and I don’t know where to begin. I even printed a couple of filing charts and still feel like I don’t know where to begin :|.

After sitting in my office for about an hour (if that) today before leaving back out. After searching through papers and papers and papers to find that 1 paper at like the bottom of 1 of the piles, I realized that if I at least work on one pile at a time then eventually it’ll all get done…duh right?!? I know, it sounds like common since but I’m sure I’m not the only one that says “I’ll sit Friday night aside, drink coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage and do it all.” I mean in my head, that just sounds like so much fun. I mean really, picture it… your in your comfortable house clothes, cute slippers or footies, and a nice hot drink with some music and/or talking with God organizing your office, or closet, or any other place you’ve been planning to attack ALONE (not that I don’t enjoy my wonderful husband or awesome dogs but we all need OUR OWN time).

Well, the problem comes I guess when you try to find that Friday. It’s 4 sometimes 5 Fridays a month and sometimes those few Fridays get prescheduled so quickly and then other Fridays your just too pooped from the week to think about a late night “fun time” So now I decided to schedule a couple of nights for at least an hour or 2 for that “fun time” of organizing and see how that goes.

Spiritual Reflection:

Now this also lead me into my own spiritual thoughts because I found that organizing my office also relates to organizing my time with God. In asking God to reveal more of myself to me, it’s amazing how He uses the simple things in my daily life to show me how I treat Him; not in a bad way but allowing me to see ways of having a more intimate relationship with Him and bringing to light thoughts I have that are hindering me in my walk. I have so many studies that I want to do that I haven’t really started any lately. I do my daily study and readings with God but there are more areas that I want to get into in more depth that I am waiting to get organized, I’m waiting for a moment or quiet time or enough alone time to sit down and again “do it all”. What is this thing I have with “doing it all”???

God reminded me that it’s not about trying to “do it all” it’s about being faithful in the small tasks that come along so that I can learn to be faithful in the large tasks (Luke 16:10). If I never stop to take care of the small tasks (1 pile of papers on my desk) and always try to capture the large tasks (my entire office) then I will never accomplish the things that God has for me to do.

So with this all being said, remember it’s not about trying to always “do it all” but it’s about taking on small tasks at a time to accomplish the bigger plan. When we are faithful in the small tasks that God gives us, it’s in them small services that we grow to be more like Christ. Sometimes we ignore the small tasks because we’re asking God for large tasks, the “important” tasks but remember we can only see the next step ahead but God sees where you are and where He’s taking you.

Be Blessed… India 🙂