No Excuses!!!

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My last posting (or first…lol) stated that I’m going to be writing every week this year and as of now I say I missed about 3 which is not good. A lot has been going on and I have been writing but privately. So I could say why I haven’t written but my philosophy is no excuses.

One of the reasons I decided to start a blog is to also rid myself of all of these fears of what others think. I never used to be this way and I used to hate myself for getting to this point but God has bought me a long way. It started from my last relationship before my husband. And it definitely wasnt the ideal relationship by no means(another blog post) but it took so much away from who I was. I’m amazed how things can affect u for so long if u allow it. So now I’m praying to God to relieve me from that person and bring back my fearlessness. So I could make up excuses why I haven’t written but quite frankly there are none. We all do what we want to do we all make choices whether we say it or not. So just reset the goal and make different better choices to achieve the new goals u set.

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