My Latest Dr Visit…FINALLY!!!

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So I went to my appointment and got there late so I end up not being seen until about 10am(appt was 8:30am) I was 15 min late so I had to wait and of course it just so happen the prior patient hadn’t been seen in a while so they had to “catch up” with her.

But anyhow, I was just anxious to hear the verdict. What was going on with me? I was excited to finally hear something and know something. I wasn’t really worried because I know God is in control and that it IS in His will for us to have children. But after 3+ long years and being clueless and being sooo close to knowing something, it was like making the wait torture.

So, she called my name and I found out some interesting and good stuff (in a sense that we found some causes.. not that all she said was good).

First off, my uterus looked good. She said I had a cyst on my left ovary and I asked her is that a problem because when I was checked like 2 years ago I happen to have a cyst on my left ovary as well. But she wasn’t concerned. She looked up the notes from the other doctor and said it wasn’t a problem because it wasn’t bigger than before which means it’s not growing and is new and they may just catch me when I’m about to ovulate which an egg and cyst looks similar. So she scheduled me to have another ultrasound in about 2 months.

Then my blood test was pretty good for the most part. I found out that I am anemic (which I’ve been borderline for about 2 yrs) but wont affect me conceiving and my cholesterol is better than it was but it still needs work, which I’m happy about.

So then I found out that my levels for prolactin were high. Which could be cause for me not conceiving all this time. Prolactin is a hormone produced by the Pituitary Gland. The pituitary gland is located in the base of the brain.

Pituitary gland

It is very small like the size of a pea.  Prolactin stimulates milk production from the breasts after childbirth to enable nursing. It also affects sex hormone levels from ovaries in women and from testes in men.

Now, at first she freaked me out because of her tone when she first was like “I have to put in for an MRI of your brain ASAP”. I mean that sounds pretty serious right off that bat hearing it. Then when I was asking more information she was like “I dont want to tell you anything right now lets just get the MRI first”. So I’m like “oooo-k”. Then I had to pry to myself and I was fine again. So she wants me to get a MRI of my brain to make sure everything is fine, then she’s going to put in another order for blood work. But I don’t like that she left me like up in the air about whats next. I understand but she wants one things at a time but I want to like know what she’s thinking so far about treatment. But I guess she must don’t know anything until she get this info.

So now I’m back to waiting for the appointment letter for the MRI…aaaaah!!!