Munchies Craving Monster!!!

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OMG!!! I am such a muncher (if thats even a I just love to snack, which is very dangerous in the weightloss
process and healthy-habit lifestyle turnover.
Especially having a desk job. There is something about sitting all day that causes me to want to be putting something in my mouth. I guess I tend to get bored while sitting, I dont know. I’m in the office alone a lot (which I like) and I think that has a lot to do with it. Whatever the reason, office time is the main time of day when I am like craz

y for snacks…lol…it’s like I’m a snack craving monster…yes I made that up “munchies craving monster” like cookie I’m like looking through all the drawers for something I might have brought in last week, looking in my purse, it is like crazy and when or if I don’t find anything it’s a painful realization for that day…lol!! And if I do find something I may be resorting to extra high calorie, loads of sugar, and very fatty options. 

Munching is my weakness and is very hard for me to tear away from right now, which is funny coming from a person that never really loved sweets, candy, cakes or things like that. I really do think it is the atmosphere but anyhow. The best way to alter this addiction is by looking into alternatives. I have to look at all my options and than decide what I’m able to do and what I would most likely stick to.
What would be the most natural way to go? 
So I decided the best thing for me to do is to instead of trying to stop the munching to change what I was munching on. The problem was that I kept telling myself that I could stop munching and thus not being prepared for the moment when I needed my fix and then having to go through the guilt of adding an extra probably like 500 calories or more for that day. So instead I admitted I had a problem…lol and then that opened my mind to start to figure out solutions, which my solution was/is to bring my healthy snacks like carrots, apples, bananas, 100 calorie snack bars, grapes, etc. 
So the Take Away from this post is…Simple!
1. Figure out problem
2. Admit the problem(s)
3. Right down ALL options.
4. Choose the option that most naturally fit you and your lifestyle.
*Make gradual changes and make them habits before you continue to add other things on your plate. FYI…It takes a continuous 28 days for a change to become a habit. 
So I have to go and do my Turbo Jam… so good night and please be sure to subscribe RSS feed (at the bottom of page or sidebar) and comment… I love comments!!!
I will be doing a posting on some of the snacks and products I use to support my healthier lifestyle…so look out for it. 
God Bless… India 🙂