How Is It Possible?

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It’s hard to believe that people can really go days without really sleeping. If I didn’t myself I wouldn’t believe it. It is 2:20 am which does not seem late but imagine if you’ve seen that time plus for more than 2 weeks! It’s insane but I don’t know what to do. I struggle between the idea of taking something for it. I hate medication because I just imagine it does more harm than good sometimes and I don’t want to get dependent on it.
I’ve tried some natural pills that was suppose to help with sleeping but it didn’t help. I’ve tried warm milk (disgusting and didn’t work), hot camomile tea, relaxing teas (with no caffeine), hot baths, and nothing works yet.
I normally just lay in the bed in the dark for hours until it’s time to wake up my husband {at 4am}. Sometimes I lay with my headphones on and listen to worship music {so uplifting}.
If you also suffer from insomnia,  please share your experience and what helps you. 

So here are so pros and cons for insomnia.

• I can see my husband off to work.
• Peaceful, time to think.
• When we have children, I won’t have problems tending to them at night :).
• Easy to pull all nighters for work to get done {sometimes}.

{Please hold}

Oh and can I add being awake to hear my cat literally try to break in our bedroom window…yup just happened! Silly cat..smh

I know, pros are short but that’s all I can think of right now. Now for the…

• Your up all night!
• You get exhausted quicker during the day.
• You eventually start feeling tired ALL day and still NOT able to take nap.😩
• I sometimes feel embarrassed to tell my husband I didn’t sleep AGAIN all night so I pretend I was sleeping when he wakes up… (smh, don’t know why)
• Your more irritable and emotionally unbalanced. 😭:o
• You can’t focus well or think.
• It gets harder to be productive.
• Can cause depression.
• Affects health bc your body is not able to recover at night.
• There is a thing of too much thinking :?😬
• Eventually you crash! 😪
And you can’t catch up on sleep from what I read. So I normally just hope my “normal” sleeping stay long enough to take away my exhaustion {rarely happens}.

So coming from someone whose dealt with insomnia for a couple years, it’s no fun. And I am praying for deliverance from this delimma bc if I remember correctly I didn’t always have it.

If you experience insomnia or know someone who does, please share how you deal below in the comments.

God bless,
India 🙂