For the Love of Music

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I have been putting off this post for awhile, so I’m finally posting it.music_is_love_by_beautiful_denial-150x99

I absolutely LOVE music!!! I mean I have so much music it’s ridicules. I also like a variety of music apart from rock & roll, dark music, and not that big of a rap music fan although I do on occasions find myself liking one here and there. Music does so much for the soul… it makes you happy, cry, depressed, excited, motivated, inspired, it gives you hope, and it can also give you deliverance from certain situations and circumstances. I believe music influence a great deal of our lives because it is often apart of our daily routine, whether we are in the car, at work, at church, or in the house; and because it is a big part of our life, I ask what are you listening to?

As I build on my relationship with God, I find the Holy Spirit convicting me more on different types of music that I listen to. I don’t listen to “bad” music persae but that is also my opinion and my assumption of what is considered “bad”. As I work towards consuming myself with Jesus and desiring what He wants for me, that means being willing to give up what I want in order to have what He has for me. And believe it or not but music is a big pull for me.

So I decided to start “Music Ministry” on my website to showcase different music that influences me on my journey. I encourage you to comment and let me know what songs havr impacted your life now or in the past.

This will be great!!! I’ll be posting my first song soon so stay tuned…

God Bless… India 🙂