Even If the Healing Doesn’t Come

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I have never written about it (I don’t think) but I got hurt a while ago when I was in the military in 2005 and I have been dealing with ever since {on and off} but lately for the past 2 to 3 years the pain has been getting more intense.

It came to a point I had to finally stop working my part time job {which I was working because of the pain hoping that I could move on to full time but MY plans went backwards} and now I am just dealing with the pain. I had been asking God and praying about healing through out the years but with it intensifying, I have been REALLY praying and asking for complete healing and believing that it would happen.

The last couple of days I have been thinking about how long ago this incident happened and how I’m still dealing with it but more. And as I spoke to God about my pain and my feelings right now, I heard a whisper, “what if the healing never comes? then what? what if it is MY will that you don’t get healed” and in hearing that possibility, I was literally speechless. And that led me to new questions, in a state of confusion and all I could say was “but why?”…

So today as I was driving from tropical smoothie sipping on my green smoothie thinking of all the things going on right now in my life, feeling my physical pain thinking about is it possible that I may have to deal with this pain longer than I had hoped for!?, a song came on that I hadn’t heard in a while but it was right on time like He always is. And through this song, I was reminded that God is still good regardless of if He decides to heal me or not or make all my dreams true. His goodness is not based on fulfilling all of my own selfish needs, He is good because that is who He is an Awesome God that keeps me during my pain!

So I hope that what ever you are going through at this time, you are reminded to praise God because He is a good God even in the midst of our pain.



God Bless… India 🙂