Product Review: Marie Callender’s Steamer- Chicken Teriyaki

My husband is working crazy shifts right now so our dinner schedule has been all over the place. The other night I decided to pick me up a little tv dinner (if there still called and I came across this…


It looks delicious doesn’t it!!! I couldn’t resist. And let me just say it IS delicious.. I was so surprised. Of course I was skeptical because I normally do not eat these little dinners but I had too and I’m glad I did.

And yes! You see it right… its only 280 caloriesSurprised smile


20131219_211501 If your looking for a low calorie, {quick} lunch option, you should definitely check this out. Oh, did I mention there less than $3.25 (I think it was $2.84). I’ve only tried the chicken teriyaki but I’ll be going back to check out other options as well as this one.

I’m not saying to eat this daily but I think it’s definitely worth having in the freezer…  

When you try it let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Happy eating! India