Its Has Been Finalized!

This post is way overdue. But… our adoption has been finalized, February the 8th. That day was amazing and so surreal. I cried a lot. It is still hard to believe that their all ours and that God entrusted us with such precious jewels.

The idea of it just overwhelms me at moments that we are really responsible for bringing these boys up to be God-fearing, faith-filled, strong, well rounded, kingdom men. I am so excited and thankful that God has placed a constant crutch in and on my life because if i ever thought that i could live life independently from God before, He has totally changed that, these boys have allowed me to put life into prospective and priorities in order (making sure God is ALWAYS center).

So i just wanted to take a moment and share OUR family moment and say…

Meet the Estes family…

I have started a youtube channel Meet the Estes, when you get chance come and visit.

Many Blessings,