Being In Control of the Outcome

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I think people way too often forget to think for themselves. We’re so use to letting everyone else make decisions for us that we don’t take the time to actually THINK. And, thinking is a process which people often “think” they do.

We go from being told what to do and think and what’s “good for us” from our parents, to all throughout school, to our first jobs, to college, then our bosses. Unless we’re taught, we never take the time to think ourselves. To actually find out whats important to “me”, why I’m doing what I’m doing, and if there are other choices -better choices -that I want to take. Unfortunately, for most people by time they stop to take a look, they realize, it’s not what they wanted but what other people wanted for them AND/OR they’re not where they thought they’d go.

Also, they find out the choice they made didn’t even make sense, even though it’s what they were taught.

Well, I’m proposing that you “stop” to “THINK”, to analyze. The people who taught you, taught you the best they could based on what they were taught and what they knew. (Yep! Sometimes-oftentimes- it’s a vicious cycle)

Here are some steps to help you get started on evaluating YOUR life…

1. Write down what you want. Your dreams(how do you want to live?–lifestyle), your goals.

2. Are you determined to get there? Willing to work hard…ENDURE

3. Write down ideas on HOW to get there.

4. Associate & read others success and develop a “self-improvement” program for yourself.

These are a few suggestions to get you headed in the right direction. I’ll be expanding on the steps in separate posts so be sure to subscribe to get notified of new posts. Please feel free to leave comments below and I will respond.

Recommended Reading: The Magic of Thinking Big by David C.

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