A Simple Weekend

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Since I am doing Nablopomo for October, I knew I had to write today but couldn’t think of anything. So I’ve decided to write about my weekend. We had a very simple weekend and because I did not plan on writing about it. I actually did not take any photos {smh!! I’m such a rookie sometimes}. So I’ll start with Friday…

Friday Events…

My husband got off farely earlier {around 2:30pm} and we were still trying to decide what time we were going down Baltimore to visit family {and help my sister move}. After we relaxed for a bit, we straightened up and headed down Baltimore for an hour and a half drive. My sister actually got the keys to her first place so we met them at her new place.

The rest of that night was filled with moving, moving, and more moving! Along with a dash of family bonding time. We crawled in to bed around 4am then woke up to do it all again.. :/

Saturday Events…

My husband got up early to head to his mothers house and my sister, mother, and I headed back to my sister’s new place {from our moms house}. At this point I was feening for a coffee {morning coffee is the best, it just makes me so happy!} so my husband picked up Starbucks on the way back. From there I’m drawing a blank..lol..no really. I just know my husband made us all spaghetti dinner at my sister’s house and we sat around her table thanking God and having great family discussions with the kiddos and all.

Saturday evening we headed back home with the intentions of going to church on Sunday but ahhhhh… nope didn’t happen.

Sunday Events…

We are often so exhausted after being with my family, not in a bad way but I think it’s because we all have so much energy when we’re together. So Sunday we did not make it to church. Sunday we relaxed and napped ALL day! My body was in so much pain, I was so stuff that I could barely roll out of bed {fyi… because of my “fibromyalgia” pain is intensified when it comes}.

So this was my weekend sorry I have no pictures to give this post a little life but hey [no crying over spilled milk].

So what did you do over the weekend?