Another Reason to go Organic… Whats Up with the Apple Juice?!?!

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Would you believe that drinking a glass of apple juice could boost your odds of developing cancer? Studies are showing that apple juice has been tested for their arsenic levels and had total arsenic levels above the drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion. Researchers from Consumer Reports tested 88 samples of popular apple and grape juice brands and the levels were at 23 parts per billion! (and in case your wondering, YES that’s high) Consumer Reports also found that the majority of the arsenic in the tested juice was inorganic, the kind to cause cancer. They also tested organic apple juice and did not find levels higher than the drinking water standard of 10 parts per billion. 

They found that 10-percent of the juices contained dangerous levels of the poison arsenic and the amounts were dramatically above the legal limit the FDA allows for water but legal for juice because the FDA doesn’t limit the amount of arsenic in juice. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY TO ME!!!

This is just scary because when you think about how much juice (and mainly apple juice) we give to our children…can you imagine this building in their systems?!?! Many of them guzzle juice every day for years. For us adults we don’t drink as much apple juice so it may not be as bad but for our children, we pile it on them. The result is, arsenic builds up in their bodies, accumulating over years,” boosting their risk of developing chronic and potentially deadly arsenic-triggered diseases, like cancer and heart disease”.

So, I know your wondering “why is arsenic in juice in the first place?” cause I was wondering the same thing and if you weren’t, you should of been…I tell I’m starting to here so much stuff about this food thing, which is what is helping to move away from processed foods.  Experts say that the chemical is found in the pesticides that a lot of farmers spray on their fruit harvests. So, the arsenic seeps into the fruit, and ends up in the juice. “Arsenic is an odorless, tasteless chemical that has long been used as a pesticide, herbicide, wood preserver, and for chemical warfare. It’s also a known human carcinogen, and chronic exposure is associated with an increased risk for several kinds of cancer, including bladder, kidney, lung, liver and colon. Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and neurological problems in children have also been linked to chronic arsenic exposure” says Dr.Oz.

Yes, this is the reasons to switch to ORGANIC…people!!!

One thing that is important to know is that most of our food is being imported from China. Yes China. China has a very poor track record for food safety.

“But when it comes to juice, we also need to think about where it comes from. Most people don’t realize that two-thirds of the apple juice that Americans consume – more than 400 million gallons annually – come from juice concentrate shipped from China. A recent report by Food & Water Watch revealed that many other foods and drinks that children consume on a daily basis, including canned and frozen fruit, candy and vitamins, are coming from China with little or no food safety oversight”.

So, here are some guidelines to follow to up your chances of getting “Safe apple juice” or any food as far as I’m concerned…

1. Buy Organic- Make sure the product says 100% Certified Organic or USDA approved. If it’s 100% it’s not allowed to have any non-organic ingredients. 100% is important…

2. Make sure the product’s country of origin is US only. A product of Canada does not necessarily mean the juice is from Canada, it could just mean the box or container is mad in Canada but the juice could be from China. Look for “conc made in USA” or the label that says where the JUICE comes from directly. There tricky with those lables.. 😉

3. Juice your own with ORGANIC fruit of course. What better way to know what your getting than to make the juice yourself… 🙂

So I hope this information helped you and shed some light on important often looked over information… Let me know what you guys think, share your opinions…

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India 🙂